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About Restore Accountability

Restore Accountability is an independent, 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization created to bring objective, factual information regarding the impact of our national debt and wasteful spending directly to those generations most negatively impacted.  It is inspired by former U.S. Senator, Dr. Tom Coburn and his oversight team, authors of the annual Wastebook that outlined Washington’s most egregious spending habits across all agencies, produced dozens of in-depth investigative reports that exposed inefficient and ineffective federal programs, and uncovered projects like the infamous Bridge to Nowhere that sparked the ban on special interest earmarks.

Generational Theft

$19 trillion in national debt, with billions of dollars added each day. More than $100 trillion in long term, unfunded obligations.  Federal programs that lose hundreds of billions of dollars annually to waste, fraud and abuse.  It is easy to get lost in these numbers.  The real tragedy, however, is that despite record spending many programs are failing to meet their stated goals and they are being financed by borrowing heavily from future generations.  Soon, interest payments on the debt and mandatory spending programs will consume all federal resources.  No other generation has borrowed at such great cost from their kids and grandkids.

Independent, Objective Voice 

Most information regarding our skyrocketing national debt, program inefficiencies and long term obligations is skewed to benefit Washington’s special interests and political structure.  Restore Accountability is devoted to providing independent, objective facts about wasteful and ineffective Federal spending and programs.  Armed with these facts, the generations who will ultimately inherit the burdens caused by unsustainable budgeting will now be better equipped to more clearly understand how the growing debt directly impacts them and their communities.