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Coburn: Treasure MAP: The Market Access Program’s Bounty of Waste, Loot and Spoils Plundered from Taxpayers

June 2012

Dr. Coburn's oversight report, "Treasure MAP" highlights more than $2 billion in taxpayer dollars indirectly subsidizing the advertising costs of some of the most profitable agriculture companies and trade associations doing business overseas. You will recognize many of these company brands as household names, such as Welch’s, Sunkist, and Blue Diamond. Report

Media Coverage

Daily Caller: Waste report: Tax dollars going to Indian reality TV, overseas advertising

Judicial Watch: U.S. Gives Rich Companies Billions For Overseas Ads




GAO: Changes Made to Market Access Program, but Questions Remain on Economic Impact

April 1999

FAS estimates that the cumulative effect of MAP expenditures since 1986 is $5 billion of additional agricultural exports in 1997 which, in turn, FAS says generate 86,500 jobs and $12 billion in additional economic activity.23 This estimate is based on the projected impact of $1.25 billion (1997 dollars) of spending between 1986 and 1997 on consumer food export promotion through MAP (including an estimated $5 million per year in Foreign Market Development Program expenditures). 

GAO's review of the recent estimates of MAP’s impact on the macroeconomy and the methodology used to derive them suggests that the benefits attributed to MAP by FAS are overstated. Report