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DHS OIG: 2014 White House Fence Jumping Incident 

April 2016

On September 19, 2014, an intruder jumped over the North Fence of the White House Complex and entered the White House before Secret Service personnel could apprehend him. A confluence of technical problems with radios, security equipment, and notification systems, as well as problems associated with the White House’s infrastructure and surrounding physical environment, impeded the protective response. 

No other fence jumper has ever made it so far through Secret Service’s defenses. Report

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DHS OIG: The Secret Service Did Not Identify Best Practices and Lessons Learned from the 2011 White House Shooting Incident 

December 2015

The Secret Service responded immediately to a November 2011 incident in which shots fired from an assault rifle hit the White House and participated in the ensuing investigation. 

After the incident, the Secret Service spent at least $17 million to improve infrastructure around the White House and increase patrols; however, without a formal after action review and detailed analysis, the Secret Service cannot be certain these changes were necessary, would have minimized the potential threat, or improved the response to the incident. Report

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