Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board



EPA OIG: CSB Needs to Continue to Improve Agency Governance and Operations

May 2016

CSB is not following federal or agency internal control guidance or required federal regulations. CSB did not: 

  •   Prepare quorum session summaries on time (written summaries of briefings or informal discussions with three or fewer board members). 

  •   Post four of nine public meeting transcripts in a timely fashion on the CSB website.

  • Create internal guidance over its annual operating budget process.

  •   Have documentation supporting its decisions to award contracts (written agreements enforceable by law) for legal services after making micro- purchases (purchases with a government credit card), and to lease public building space. 

The lack of internal guidance and implementation of controls puts CSB’s $11 million budget at risk. Report.




EPA OIG: CSB’s Fiscal Year 2014 Purchase Card Program Assessed as High Risk 

June 2015

Based on OIG's risk assessment of CSB’s purchase card program, OIG determined that CSB is at high risk of illegal, improper or erroneous purchases and payments made through its $280,000 purchase card program for FY 2014. OIG made this determination due to CSB not having a written Charge Card Management Plan until November 2014 and not being aware of the January 2014 deadline to submit the plan to OMB. OIG also noted charge card plan deficiencies and the need for supervisory approvals on transactions. Report