Improper Payments



EPA OIG: Risk for EPA’s Fiscal Year 2016 Purchase Card and Convenience Check Program Warrants an Audit

February 2017

EPA OIG assessed that the risk for the EPA’s purchase card and convenience check program is high enough to warrant an audit because of noncompliance with existing controls.

OIG's risk assessment noted the following concerns:

  •   None of the 18 transactions reviewed complied with all 14 internal controls tested.

  •   Two of the 18 transactions, totaling $14,985, were for fitness memberships improperly paid for in advance.

  •   The agency blocked high-risk Merchant Category Codes that would cause the transactions to be declined, but this internal control did not work.

  •   The Office of Acquisition Management did not document regular reviews of individual card holder transaction reports. 

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EPA OIG: Improved Oversight of EPA’s Grant Monitoring Program Will Decrease the Risk of Improper Payments 

June 2015

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Office of Inspector General (OIG), conducted this audit to determine whether the EPA’s advanced administrative monitoring (AAM) system is effective for ensuring grant recipient costs are allowable, allocable and reasonable. 

During OIG's audit, OIG found inadequate documentation of costs totaling $507,168 for AAM reviews that did not have adequate cost support for federal funds drawn. Report