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Our founder and former Senator Tom Coburn championed transparency and fought to eliminate government waste, fraud, and abuse during his time in the United States Senate. Along with his staff, Dr. Coburn researched and read through thousands of agency reports and audits to help set the blueprint for streamlining necessary government programs and eliminating wasteful ones. This tookit is inspired by the work of Dr. Coburn and his staff. 

This tool is a one-stop compilation of the very best oversight reporting by independent government reporting watchdogs. It is intended to help you navigate through the complicated and scattered maze of oversight reporting. The toolkit will also help you identify important, non-partisan reforms that can transform the way agencies operate and serve the American people. Let this be your roadmap for identifying the problems and solutions in Federal programs.  

We hope both citizens and policy leaders alike will use this toolkit to Restore Accountability, making government more transparent and accountable. Please do not hesitate to email us questions about the toolkit. We created this platform to help you discover and help fix what generations of politicians have failed to do.

Toolkit Highlights

  • Executive Agencies
  • GAO, CBO, OMB Reports
  • Deficit Reducing Recommendations 
  • Organized Report Portfolios 
  • OIG Twitter Updates
  • Brief Agency Bios 
  • Agency Management Challenges
  • Conference Spending Portals 
  • Agency Sub-Categories 
  • Program Fixes
  • Duplication Reports
  • Cost-Saving Measures 
  • Easily Accessible Databases