Inauguration Series

Inauguration series

On Friday January 20, 2017 the forty-fifth President of the United States was sworn into office. President Donald J. Trump now controls the reigns of the Executive Branch and has expressed a number of lofty goals for his Administration and Congress to achieve.

As the new President lays out his agenda for America and begins working with Congress to enact these plans, Restore Accountability will provide relevant facts and research. We will not take part in the partisan debate, but rather introduce important facts as they impact the next generation of Americans.  This will include spending and budget data on healthcare, infrastructure, defense, and tax reform.

These first 100 days and beyond will impact Americans for many generations to come.  With an eye towards the long term, Washington has an opportunity to put the nation back on a sustainable path. 

In addition to the inauguration series, the resources on our website can be used as a guide for our readers and policy makers in Congress. Those resources include summaries and links to the most important oversight reports, and recommendations from our founder former Senator Tom Coburn’s Back in Black report-- a plan that achieves at least $9 trillion in budgetary savings while making government more efficient and effective.