Reorganizing the Executive Branch

Reorganizing the Executive Branch

Posted by Adam Kazda on 06/12/2017

Reorganizing the Executive BranchOn March 13th, 2017 President Trump signed an Executive Order that aims to make the Federal government more efficient, effective, and
accountable to the American people. Shortly after the Executive Order was signed, the Office of Management and Budget asked the American people to submit their suggestions to help reorganize the executive branch and to eliminate unnecessary agencies. Restore Accountability turned to our audience and asked for ideas on the most important reforms that should be addressed by the Executive Branch

Restore Accountability has compiled these reader submissions and
submitted them to the Office of Management and Budget. Many
recommendations are either duplicative, wasteful, or an inefficient
use of taxpayer dollars, and should be reformed so that taxpayers can
once again be confident their hard earned money is spent with a

Read the report below! Download the PDF here.