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Make Government Work AgainThank you for your continued input! We are still accepting entries for the Make Government Work Again challenge. Below are a few examples that we will send in our document directly to the Office of Management and Budget. You can build your own list of suggestions on the challenge homepage where we have countless reports and tools.

Department of Agriculture

  • Market Access Program - This program subsidizes the advertising costs of agriculture companies and trade associations doing business outside of the United States. Originally intended to be a resource for helping small businesses enter export markets, the program has warped into a corporate welfare program.This year over $170 million will go to large companies and trade show associations like the Wine Institute, who exported a record $1.6 billion worth of wine last year. ELIMINATE or REFORM

Department of Defense

  • Research & Development - Equipping and protecting our service members should be of the utmost importance so they can do their job safely and effectively, and that starts with eliminating non-essential wasteful research within the Pentagon. Non-military research and development that has little or nothing to do with national defense now totals $6 billion, and includes research that has been duplicated by other agencies. The Department of Defense should be treated as equally as other agencies and should not get a free pass when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars. ELIMINATE or REDUCE

Department of Health and Human Services

  • National Institutes of Health - The NIH is the nation‘s premier medical research agency, which focuses on specific research agendas or particular diseases or body systems. However, in recent years, they have struggled to fight virus outbreaks, despite a $34 billion budget. A closer look will show that while the agency is well funded, it is failing to prioritize its spending. Studies like “do birds slur when they are drunk” or “where does it hurt most to be stung by a bee” are not priorities. Therefore, the NIH should look inward to find savings to make better use of taxpayer dollars. REFORM AWARD PROCESS and MAKE TRANSPARENT

Department of Treasury

  • New Markets Tax Credit - Created to help assist businesses and developers in low-income areas, this program has been anything but a program for the poor. Much of the assistance goes to wealthy investors and has subsidized projects in Beverly Hills and the Hamptons. Some projects include ice skating rinks, Subways, IHops, and museums. This is a tax credit that is directed to the well-connected and special interest and eludes the very Americans this credit aimed to help. ELIMINATE or REFORM




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