Reader Submissions

Make Government Work AgainThank you for your continued input! We are still accepting entries for the Make Government Work Again challenge. Below are a few examples that readers have submitted to us that we will bundle together and send directly to the Office of Management and Budget. You can build your own list of suggestions on the challenge homepage where we have countless reports and tools.

Department of Education

  • Vouchers - Promote school choice by increasing the number of vouchers given to elementary and secondary education school families.

  • Veterans - Institute a policy that promotes the hiring of our nation’s veterans in schools.

General Government

  • Government Buildings - Evaluate all government buildings and their needs. Consolidate or sell government buildings that are not used frequently or are vacant for a certain period of time.

  • Government Land - Evaluate federally owned land. Consolidate or sell federally owned land that does not serve a purpose for the federal government.

  • Work Training Programs - Eliminate duplicative programs. Reform programs to better serve workers. Strict oversight on training programs and eliminate if they are not working.

  • Federal Pensions - Eliminate or reform federal pensions.

  • Lobby Ban - Institute a 10 year lobby ban for former Members of Congress and essential staff members.

  • Domestic Assistance - Reform assistance programs to better fit the needs of Americans and make programs more efficient.

Department of Veterans Affairs

  • VA Hospitals - Close the VA hospital system. Instead, use the voucher system where veterans could use any hospital they choose.

  • VA Hospitals - Reform the VA hospital system by replicating what successful hospitals do.

United States Agency for International Development

  • Foreign Aid - Evaluate all foreign aid. Eliminate aid that is duplicative and consolidate programs to better achieve their purposes.

Federal Reserve System

  • Increase transparency by making the Federal Reserve submit to an audit of its performance, budget, and relationships with public and private entities.

Department of Transportation

  • Infrastructure - Create a list of priorities, like a 10 year plan, and address the country’s most pressing infrastructure needs. Eliminate wasteful or frivolous expenditures, focus on only the essentials.

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration - Reform the Diabetes Exemption Application. Process needs to be better streamlined for timeliness and accuracy.



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