Restore Accountability Turns Towards the Future

Restore Accountability Turns Towards the Future

Posted by Adam Kazda, Bryan Berky on 11/17/2017

Restore AccountabilityBig changes are coming from Restore Accountability. So big that you won’t even recognize us next time you hear from us.  That’s right, in the coming weeks, we will be launching a new site under a new name.  

Restore Accountability was formed to help young Americans understand and take active ownership in discussions on the national debt, unfunded liabilities, and federal program management (or lack thereof).  We’ve been blown away by the participation and engagement of our audience so far, especially through activities like the Scavenger Hunt, Tournament of Government Waste, and Make Government Work Again collaboration report.  We are excited to continue engaging with and expanding our followers under a new brand, one that will emphasize the need for younger Americans to proactively engage today to create a better tomorrow.

Younger generations are going to inherit a national debt burden that is unprecedented in American history.  But you wouldn’t know it based on the words and actions of our elected officials in Washington. The problems that younger generations will face through no fault of their own are avoidable. But it’s going to take clear vision, real leadership, and generational-wide engagement to fix them.  In the coming weeks, we will be launching a new venture that will look to do just that.  

On our current trajectory, the future that younger Americans are destined for is bleak.  We will be working tirelessly to pursue a better one. Stay tuned!