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Welcome to Restore Accountability

Welcome to Restore Accountability.

Our country is in trouble. With nearly $20 trillion in debt, and more than $100 trillion in future IOUs, the Federal Government is sacrificing our future. Worse, it is borrowing billions of dollars a day to fund many overlapping, ineffective programs that will have little or no benefit to the generation tasked with paying the bill.  

This lack of accountability robs the next generation of the opportunities and freedoms to dream big, to build on America's promise, and make a better life for all Americans.

National Debt

Three simple steps to make a difference:

Step One: Connect With Us

Restore Accountability is constantly updating, so there are a number of ways you can stay up to date. 

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Step Two: Do Your Own Research

Now it's time to discover the information that Washington prefers to keep hidden. 

If you're looking to jump start your experience, visit our USA Spending Scavenger Hunt page. We encourage you to take the challenge and join the hunt for Washington's worst waste. Your fellow citizen activists have already uncovered nearly $1 billion in questionable spending by joining the scavenger hunt. These findings have been featured in the national media.  

Our Oversight & Investigations page gives you full access to the extensive investigative archives of former U.S. Senator Tom Coburn's Waste Report team.   

These tools in your hands can be the difference in restoring accountability.  

Step Three: Let Everyone Know

Never underestimate the power of one voice.  

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