2 Major Tax Code Problems That Must Be Addressed

1. Too Complicated. 2. Close Loopholes and Favors.

$20 Trillion and Counting

How the $20 trillion National Debt affects you.

Spending in Washington is the Cat's Meow 

The national debt just hit $20 trillion. Here's what that would look like if YOU spent it.

General Mattis On Our Country's Fiscal Future 

General James Mattis testifies in front of the Senate Armed Services committee and discusses our country's fiscal situation.


Former Senator Tom Coburn Discusses Millennials and the Debt 

Our Founder and Former Senator Tom Coburn discusses Millennials and how much debt they are on the hook for on Morning Joe.


How To: USA Spending Beta Version 

Looking to Make Government Work Again? Restore Accountability has the tools to help! Check out our "How To" video on the new USA Spending website.


Tournament of Government Waste Selection Show 

We took the most outrageous wastes from the past year and asked readers to vote for the winner of the Tournament of Waste.


Just The Facts - Presidential Inauguration

Restore Accountability's weekly Just The Facts takes a look at a few fun facts about past presidential inaugurations. 


Wastebook: PORKemon GO

In January 2017, Senator Jeff Flake released his latest oversight report, Wastebook: PORKemon GO. The report details $5 billion in reckless spending.


Just The Facts - Obamacare

The future of the Affordable Care Act is in question. Restore Accountability provides you with Just The Facts.




Wastegiving - A Holiday Report

Just as the holidays involve lots of travel, family time, eating, and yes, napping, we take a similarly themed journey through Washington's wasteful spending, complete with all the fixings.


How to Use the Agency Toolkit

If you’ve ever tried to research Federal programs and spending, you've no doubt encountered a complex maze of websites and dead end.

We’ve done the work for you by assembling the most important research findings by the most respected, independent/non-partisan groups out there, and we’ve assembled them all in one place!


Back to School 

The presidential candidates go back to school to learn about the important issues facing our nation.


Millennials are Tackling America's Biggest Challenges 

Millennials are facing big challenges, but they are not waiting around. 


USA Spending Challenge 

Be a watchdog without leaving your laptop! Join the USA Spending challenge today! 


The National Debt 

Restore Accountability gives you an in depth look at the national debt and how it affects you.


"America Doesn't Trust You Anymore!" Tom Coburn Holds Nothing Back in Epic Committee Hearing 

Former Senator & Restore Accountability founder Tom Coburn gives his testimony at a Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Hearing.


Restore Accountability 

Restore Accountability's vision is to bring the debt crisis to the forefront of American politics; Our mission is to empower young Americans to transform their ideas into real solutions.